Bartley J. Madden Foundation


The best way to achieve widespread prosperity and raise the standard of living for everyone is a society rooted in freedom, property rights, voluntary transactions, and a level competitive playing field. In contrast to crony capitalism where what counts is who you know in government, what counts with free-market capitalism is how much value you create for others. Free-market capitalism advances a dynamic society focused on experimentation, innovation, entrepreneurship, and ultimately, bottom-up value creation. That kind of a society strives for equality of opportunities and enables people to rise as high as their skill, determination, and insights can take them.


We will support educational programs that effectively communicate how everyone, particularly the least well off, benefit from a society embracing free-market principles. We will support organizations that create opportunity for employment and a path forward for people to achieve earned success at their jobs. Finally, we want to help bring the spirit of private sector innovation and efficiency to government processes that are supposed to serve those who ultimately pay for the services.

Bartley J. Madden
Gregory L. Madden
Jeffrey B. Madden