Bartley J. Madden Foundation



Our mission is to promote value creation principles as the foundation for a prosperous society. Prosperity is more widely shared through a society rooted in dynamism with enthusiastic support for experimentation, knowledge building, and innovation by firms, and especially by entrepreneurial startups. With value creation as a guidepost, we are better equipped to transcend the polarization epitomized by capitalism versus socialism or Republican versus Democrat. In so doing, we can build a more civil society where we seek to build knowledge, to create value for others, and to ensure that no one is left behind.


We Support

  • Programs that focus on teaching value creation skills, which can include online platforms and on-the-job mentoring and, in general, helping people gain opportunities for earned success.
  • Initiatives to improve our educational system, including expanded school choice, that are rooted in improving performance in delivering value to customers (parents and students).
  • Initiatives to instill private sector innovation and efficiency into government processes.
  • Programs that nurture and sustain free speech, especially on college campuses.
  • Programs to assist veterans of our armed services to transition to productive lives in the private sector.
  • Research with the potential to deliver practical insights about connecting knowledge-building proficiency and organizational structure to long-term performance in the private and public sectors.
  • Research to advance our understanding of the world in ways that translate to public policies that encourage innovation and to improved management of firms, resource allocation, and job creation.