Bartley J. Madden Foundation


Our fundamental purpose is to promote a free-market, dynamic, value-creation society. A society that minimizes cronyism and maximizes innovation and opportunity, treats people fairly, and sustains win-win relationships.


A free-market society is the best way to achieve widespread prosperity and raise the standard of living for everyone. A free market entails property rights, voluntary transactions, and a level competitive playing field where the rules apply equally to all participants.  This contrasts with crony capitalism, where what counts is who you know in government. What counts in free-market capitalism is how much value you create for others. Free-market capitalism allows and enables individuals to create value, which benefits themselves and society.  

Free-market capitalism makes possible a dynamic society with enthusiastic support for entrepreneurship and a focus on experimentation and innovation that guides value creation by both established firms as well as startups. Such a society strives for equality of opportunity and enables people to rise as high as their skills, determination, and insight can take them.

Allocation of Resources

Our grants provide financial support to promote free-market capitalism.

We support educational programs that effectively communicate how everyone, particularly the least well off, benefit from a society that embraces free-market principles. We support innovative organizations that research and communicate how a firm’s culture drives long-term value creation. That is, the blending of competition and efficient use of resources with cooperation and win-win relationships, while treating people fairly and with unwavering integrity.  

We support organizations skilled in helping people get jobs that offer a career path to earned success. Moreover, we want to instill the spirit of private sector innovation and efficiency into government processes to better serve tax-paying customers.

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